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Drowning Shadows

Freestyle dance

Freestyle to connect with the soul. 

With this video I give an insight into a then current process in my life.

In the past months, I have asked myself this question a lot:Why has it become so difficult for our society to commit to one thing, or a dance class or to a person we like or may even love?Life is full of challenges, changes and decisions. But... when did we stop choosing happiness in the here and now and started to believe that there is still something or someone "better"?I am proud to be a woman who is committed to a thing or a person she likes.But lately this world has been lonely. With this video, I said goodbye to my bad experiences, connected myself with my heart and decided to stay exactly as I am on this point! ✨BC my heart is in the right place ♥️

This video was filmed in Barcelona by

Marc Samper

Drowning Shadows
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