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Salsa & Bachata Lady Style in Bern


Salsa & Bachata Lady Style

In my classes you will learn the basic elements of Bachata and Salsa Lady styles. I explain the basic steps, the basic techniques for your posture, your turns as well as your bodymovements and much more! 
Whether it is interpreting the music or an exciting detour into the history of the dances, we leave nothing out! 


Look forward to a varied hour with a lot of fun as well as sweat. Let me inspire you!

Good to know!

I currently only offer my lessons in the form of workshops. You can find my offer in the Calendar section

I am looking forward to you!


You want to dance more than just once a week?
Then visit the intensive training of the Las Ardients dance group. You can find out more under the heading Show and Teams or here.

Privat Classes

Why a private lesson? 

In a private lesson I can focus entirely on you. We work on the topics in which you would like to improve and you receive from me, in addition to honest and warm-hearted corrections, also an individual feedback on which points you can work on in the future.


Individual or couple lessons are available in the following dance styles as a private lesson or workshop:

- Salsa Lady Style on1 or on2

- Bachata Lady Style

- Afro Mambo

- Latin Urban 

-Ausdruck / Showtraining

-Freestyle Dance

Coaching Dancecouples und

I will be happy to give you feedback on the nature of your leading style in the role of follower or as a coach for dance couples, observe you while dancing and give you or you individual feedback or correct you specifically in the points in which you want to improve. 


Dance styles in which I offer coaching:

- Salsa Paartanz

- Bachata Paartanz


Your dance workshop for the next birthday party, shows, wedding choreographies, bachelor party activity or animation for the next event planned? 


Tell me about it in your request and you will receive from me an individual offer suitable for your occasion!

Salsa & Bachata Lady Style in Bern

Feedback from my Classes

Kundenfeedback Unterricht
Kundenfeedback Unterricht
Kundenfeedback Unterricht
Kundenfeedback Unterricht
Kundenfeedback Unterricht
Kundenfeedback Unterricht

A lot of Feedback to my classes you can find on Dancing Queens

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