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Ritmo Candela

Showgroup Salsa

The group Ritmo Candela was founded in January 2021 by Valeria and Andrea and is there to satisfy the hunger of dedicated dancers for more dancing.

Be it as a support training in which one is challenged weekly to grow beyond oneself or

to be able to perform on a stage one day.

Everyone is welcome who is motivated and wants to grow in dance with a positive attitude and energy. "No judgment, no ego, just dance!" 

According to this philosophy, Valeria and I accompany the dancers of the group Ritmo Candela to their personal goal and the goal defined by the group. 


The shows of Ritmo Candela are choreographed by Valeria and me. The first is called "Tribute" and celebrates the planned premiere at the end of 2021.


How can i become a part of Ritmo Candela:

Contact Valeria ( or me if you are interested and get to know us.

The group consists of twelve members.

If a place becomes free, this can be yours!

Ritmo Candela
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