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Solo Show

After many performances in groups and my Duo with Valeria, I decided in 2022 to start performing as a Soloist. Since I felt more inspired by Bachata than Salsa at this time, my first solo show is a Bachata Spectacle. 

The show "Sobrenatural" is a mixture of elegant Bachata lady style, cool urban elements and a lot of musicality, energy and fun. It is both cool and flirty.

Let yourself be surprised and inspired!

The premiere will take place at the Bachata Geneva Weekend on September 23, 2022 and is bookable from that date on. 

Little preview? Check my Video as i was dancing my Choreographie in the streets of Barcelona. 


Ritmo Candela

The group Ritmo Candela was founded in January 2021 by Valeria and Andrea and is there to satisfy the hunger of dedicated dancers for more dancing.

Be it as a support training in which one is challenged weekly to grow beyond oneself or

to be able to perform on a stage one day.

Everyone is welcome who is motivated and wants to grow in dance with a positive attitude and energy.

"No judgment, no ego, just dance!" 

According to this philosophy, Valeria and I accompany the dancers of the group Ritmo Candela to their personal goal and the goal defined by the group. 


The shows of Ritmo Candela are choreographed by Valeria and me. The first is called "Tribute" and celebrates the planned premiere at the end of 2021.


How can i become a part of Ritmo Candela:

Contact Valeria ( or me if you are interested and get to know us.

The group consists of twelve members.

If a place becomes free, this can be yours!


Las Estrellas

"With elegant dresses, powerful movements, passion and heart, every single Estrella enchants the audience. With a lot of emotion, joy and love for dance, together we bring the starry sky to the parquet at every performance"

- Las Estrellas Showgroup.

The show group Las Estrellas was founded by me in December 2017 and had its premiere in August 2018 with the show "Yo soy aquel" . The group consists of 10 dancers from the regions of Bern, Basel and Lucerne. They train once a week at the Tanzpavillon. In addition to the national stages, the group has already performed in Amsterdam and Barcelona and will celebrate its intercontinental premiere in Marrakech in 2022.


The current show is called "Création Marie" and was created by Marie Cazorla from the Alergia Dance Company in Nimes FR exclusively for the show group.


More information about the group or inquiries about show bookings:

How to become the next Estrella:

Contact me via contact form if you are interested. The group consists of max. 10 dancers. If a dancer leaves the Estrellas, it will be defined as a group decision if the dancer will be replaced and by whom.


The minimum requirements are: Confident in the technique basics Salsa Lady Style (arms, spins, shoulders), confident and safe dancing in high heels, be active in dancing (Salsa) at least 1 time a week besides the Estrellas training, good fitness.

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