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The Twin-Twin Dancecrew

The crew includes two pairs of twins: 

Cesar from Madrid and Owen from the Netherlands. 

Kimberly from the USA and me from Switzerland. 


As the last missing piece of the puzzle of the group, I got to meet my twin Kim in Seville in 2022 at a dance congress. It is a wonderful coincidence that both Kim and I, as well as Cesar and Owen, look so much alike and that all four of us get to share a passion. 

Together we now meet from time to time at congresses, enjoy the time together, confuse the other dancers and use the opportunity to realize a new video together. 


We would like to dance more together and confuse the visitors of the congresses. For a request as a taxi dancer or to give workshops, we are happy to be available!

Impressions of the Twin Twin Dancecrew

3th Place at the BachaRoyal Social Dance Competition

Social Dance is about sharing the pasion, the conection and the feelings that you creat while dancing. Often we forgeth these things while dancing and especially in a competition, cause we just try to be the "best". With this new Competition Concept BachaRoyal tried to give the dancers this feeling back and to have the focus on this beautiful part of our community! 
It was the first edition and there were around 50 participants. All the participants, artists and visitors of the congress could give you a vote between 1 and 3. It was just a "how much did you like the dance". It was not about, what you think about the technic of this person or how creativ was she. Just did you like it and how much :)

So in the end the result was between the amount of votings you get and the "level" of the vote. 

I made the 3th place as a fallower and i was under the top 15 as a leader. 

For me it is the most beautiful compliment that i can get as a dancer. Cause it means that i was aeble to creat for so many dancers beautiful moments while they danced with me :) Thank you so much for sharing with you my pasion and make you smile dear visitors of the BachaRoyal Competition! 

3th Place BachaRoyal Social Dance Competiton 2022

Freestyle Dance
"Drowning Shadows"

Freestyle to connect with the soul. 

With this video I give an insight into a then current process in my life.

In the past months, I have asked myself this question a lot:

Why has it become so difficult for our society to commit to one thing, or a dance class or to a person we like or may even love?
Life is full of challenges, changes and decisions. But... when did we stop choosing happiness in the here and now and started to believe that there is still something or someone "better"?

I am proud to be a woman who is committed to a thing or a person she likes.

But lately this world has been lonely. With this video, I said goodbye to my bad experiences, connected myself with my heart and decided to stay exactly as I am on this point! ✨

BC my heart is in the right place ♥️

This video was filmed in Barcelona by

Marc Samper

Video "Drowning Shadows"

TV Show "Stadt Land Talent" 

To perform once on TV, that would be it!

After various stages in Europe we were looking for a new challenge and so the idea of participating in the Swiss talent show "Stadt Land Talent" was born. 


The experience was unique and our nervousness on a whole new level! 

The whole thing will be broadcast in March 2023 on SRF 2. 

Info will follow! :) 

Andrea & Valeria at "Stadt Land Talent"

Freestyle Dance "Dernière danse"

Why do i dance?

Cause i love to feel

Cause i love to connect myself with my soul and body at the same time.

Cause i love to feel the prozess, the prozess of beeing me.

Cause i love to go out of comfortzone and keep growing.

Cause i love the feeling of beeing weightless.

Cause i love to push my expressions to the limit.


Why do i dance?
Cause i love beeing me ♥️

This freestyle video was filmed by

Marc Samper in the streets of Barcelona. 

Video "Dernière danse"

Las Estrellas - Video project

We started the new season at the beginning of 2019 with four new Estrellas. As an initial mood and team building, we danced the choreography of Valeria and me to "Bace" for our video project.

What was first intended to be a video project only, became a show upon request.

The short show, which combines Salsa, elegance and classical music, is therefore bookable for corporate events and parties. 

Video project "Las Estrellas - Bace"

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