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My Story

"Tenemos que vivir el sueno, no solamete sonarlo"

- with these words I welcome you to my site! 

My name is Andrea Gabriela Marfurt, I am 27 years old and live in the beautiful city of Bern. 
I started dancing when I was still a child, but since 2014 dancing is my main passion besides my job as a coach and teacher for professional integration. 

This is completely according to the resolution of my motto at the beginning of this text: "we must live the dream, not just dream about it.


In addition to many different dances such as ballet, hip-hop or the folk dances danced as a child, I have discovered my passion in the Latin dance world, whose styles I teach weekly since 2017. 

You can find my offer at the "Regular Classes" and "My Work" section.

"Are your feet tingling?

Then I look forward to meeting you soon! 


PS: You want to know more about me?

Visit my projects page!

Dance CV
& Highlights

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Current / CAS in Coaching (Finals September 2023)

Aktuell / CAS in Coaching (Abschluss September 2023)

2023/ Highlights

Jan - Collab with Dance 4 Ladies, Online Class Plattform

Feb - Performance at the Swiss Talent Show Stadt Land Talent

March - Premiere new Soloshow "Only you" at Bachata Geneva Congress

2023/ Highlights

Jan - Zusammenarbeit mit Dance 4 Ladies, Onlinekurs Plattform

Feb - Ausstrahlung von Stadt Land Talent mit der Duo Show

March - Premiere der neuen Soloshow "Only You" am Bachata Geneva Congress

2022/ Highlights

Nov - 3th Place at the BachaRoyal Social Dance Competition as a Follower / Top 15 as a Leader

Sep - Soloshow "Sobrenatural" Premiere, Bachata Geneva 

Sep - Workshops & Shows at the Congress in Marrakesch

Aug - Participation in the swiss talent show "Stadt Land Talent"

Aug - Partnership with the clothing company "Dancingqueens"

Jul   - Showbooking at the Hamburg Salsafestival

Apr - Opening Show at the World Bachata Congress, Valencia

Mar - Opening Show & Premiere Bachata Duo at Bachata Geneva &

first performance of the Team Ritmo Candela

2022 / Highlights

Nov - 3er Platz als Follower an der BachaRoyal Social Dance Competition / Als Leader unter den Top 15!

Sep - Soloshow "Sobrenatural" Premiere, Bachata Geneva 

Sep - Workshops & Shows am Kongress in Marrakesch

Aug - Teilnahme an der Schweizer Talentshow "Stadt Land Talent"

Aug - Partnerschaft mit dem Kleiderunternehmen "Dancingqueens"

Jul   - Showbuchungen am Hamburg Salsafestival

Apr - Eröffnungsshow am World Bachata Kongress, Valencia

Mar - Eröffnungsshow und Premiere des Bachata Duos, Bachata 

Geneva & erster Auftritt der Gruppe Ritmo Candela

2022 / Eidg. Teacher for Adults FA

2022 / Eidg. Ausbildnerin FA

2021 / Highlights

- Foundation of the Dance Duo Andrea y Valeria

- Foundation of the Dance Companie & Team "Ritmo Candela"

2021 / Highlights

- Gründung des Tanz Duos Andrea y Valeria

- Gründung der Tanzgruppe "Ritmo Candela"

2020 / Highlights

- Performance with the Las Estrellas at the Amsterdam Salsa Congress

2020 / Highlights

- Auftritt der Las Estrellas am Amsterdam Salsa Kongress

2019 / Highlights

- Change to self-employment as a dance teacher

2019 / Highlights

- Wechsel in die Selbstständigkeit als Tanzlehrerin

2019 / Certificate "Lady Style Teacher Advanced Level" 

            Certificate "Lady Style Teacher Beginner & Intermediate Level"

            by World Mastery

           Graduate of Galen Hooks GHM Classic Method training in July               2019 in London. Dance style "Commersials".

2019 / Zertifikat "Lady Style Teacher Advanced Level"

            Zertifikat "Lady Style Teacher Beginner & Intermediat Level"

            von World Mastery

           Absolventin der Galen Hooks GHM Classic Method Ausbildung               in London. Tanzstil "Commersials"

2018 / Highlights

- Premier of the Show "Yo soy aquel" from Anita Santos Rubin danced       by the Las Estrellas 

- Showperformance of the Las Estrellas at the Latin Dance Festival 

   in Barcelona

2018 / Highlights

- Premiere der Show "Yo soy Aquel" von Anita Santos Rubin getanzt von

   den Las Estrellas

- Auftritt der Las Estrellas am Latin Dance Festival in Barcelona

2018 / Certificate "Maestra de la Salsa" by Adrian y Anita, Barcelona

2018 / Zertifikat "Maestra de la Salsa" by Adrian y Anita, Barcelona

2017 / Highlights

-Foundation of the Showteam "Las Estrellas"

- First regular class as a Lady Style Teacher in a School based in Bern 

2017 / Highlights

- Gründung der Showgruppe "Las Estrellas"

- Erste reguläre Klasse als Lady Style Lehrerin in einer Berner                     Tanzschule

Bevor 2017 / Highlights

- UrbanKiz Dance Couple with Jose Enrique (teaching and performing)

- Member of the Dance Group "Funky Divas" by Natalia Lopez, Zürich

- Member of the Couple Dance Group "iRubini", Bern

- Language and dance studies in Havana, Cuba

Vor 2017 / Highlights

- UrbanKiz Tanzpartnerschaft mit Jose Enrique (Unterrichten & Show)

- Tänzerin der Gruppe "Funky Divas" von Natalia Lopez, Zürich

- Tänzerin der Gruppe "iRubini", Bern

- Sprach- und Tanzaufenthalt in Havana, Cuba

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